Fund Soccer League for the Arise Home kids

To say our Arise Home kids love soccer would be the understatement of the century! Inviting the other children in the neighborhood over to the Home to scrimmage against the "Arise Team" is a common event for them. We love allowing them to sign up for soccer leagues in Lusaka that involve real jerseys, team names, and lots of other children to meet and play with. However, this is expensive! By funding this project, you will create a place for all 14 Arise Home boys and girls in a local soccer league. You will receive email updates on their teams as well as photos of the kids games and practices.


Help purchase educational tablets for two classes (20 tablets)

The ZEdupad is an educational tablet that helps children learn.  The ZEduPad is programmed in eight different languages native to Zambia with over 12,000 pre loaded classes and lesson plans for untrained teachers.  Approved by the Zambian Ministry of Education, the educational tablet allows children to create a personal profile on its seven-inch screen to keep track of their progress.

The tablet is also programmed with the latest Zambian curriculum.  The government of Zambia changes curriculum for each grade consistently.  Because of this, textbooks are constantly having to be purchased and replaced by Arise Africa.  This is very expensive and textbooks are out of date quickly.  With the Zedupad when curriculum changes Arise Africa pays a very small fee to get all tablets updated.  Arise Africa currently uses Zedupads in 2 of the 4 community schools that the child sponsorship program is in.  We hope to have Zedupads in all schools which will cut down on our textbook costs drastically and save Arise Africa thousands of dollars a year.

PROJECT COST: $3,000.00

                                                   Shop for the Arise Home

We are constantly needing items for both Arise Homes.  As kids grow, clothes are needed or different books in the library would help them in school.  Please consider shopping our Arise Home wish list on Amazon.  If you would like to receive a tax receipt for the item(s) you purchased please forward us your Amazon receipt and we will provide one for you. 

Help purchase picnic tables for our Schools

We are working on providing an eating area for one of the schools we work in.  We currently feed 300 kids in two shifts everyday at the school.  They currently eat on the ground in the dirt.  We would love to have picnic tables where the kids can eat and even use between classes. 

PROJECT COST: $300.00 per picnic table

Pizza Inn dinner for Arise Home

We love to take the Arise Home kids to get pizza every once in a while. By funding this project you will enable Arise Africa to take them to the local pizza restaurant that has a play set. The kids love to run around and play and eat pizza. This donation funds the transportation to Pizza Inn, pizza for all 8 kids and a housemom and drinks. You will receive an email update with photos from the pizza dinner if you fund this project.


Do you need ideas for a fundraising project?!

  • Garage sale - Group up with some friends and hold a garage sale!  Everyone has junk and is more than willing to let you come pick it up, especially for charity.
  • Lemonade Stand - Kids have raised thousands of dollars for Arise Africa through lemonade stands!
  • Party - Throw a fundraising party, there's always a reason to celebrate!

Please email Alissa at with any questions about the projects listed.