Humphry Mwale.jpg

Humpry Mwale

Taonga School 5 years old, Baby Class

Humpry is the 5th born in a family of 6, 2 girls and 4 boys. His father works as a gardener at a farm within Ibex Hill where he stays with his family. Humpry’s mother works as a maid in the Zambia Air Force camp. Although both parents are able to bring in some money, it is hardly enough to sustain the whole family, and certainly not enough for school fees.

Humpry dreams of becoming a doctor when he grows up. His favorite subject is English and his favorite color is green. When at home Humphry mostly likes to spend time playing football with his friends. His favorite food is a simple meal consisting of nshima (a cornmeal paste, and Zambia’s staple food), beans and beef.

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