Child Sponsorship

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Our child sponsorship program is very strong and we have witnessed a major impact on the children that we are currently serving.  Individuals can sponsor a child for $35 a month who are living in the compounds of Zambia.  These children are in the toughest situations with little or no help in paying their school fees and providing their basic needs.  Some children are orphaned and live with distant relatives.  Others are being raised by elder siblings who are not much older than them.

For every 20 to 30 children, Arise Africa has one child sponsorship officer assigned to them.  They work with these children in their schools everyday and help feed them, give them clothes, pay their school fees and provide discipleship.  They tutor them when needed and visit the child's home.  They watch the children and take them to the clinic as needed.  They sometimes have to manage a child's HIV medicine and make sure the child is taking it and that the dosage is correct.


For $35 a month, a child receives the following help in our program:

School fees paid

Clothes as the child needs them

School supplies

One nutritious meal every school day fed at school


Clinic visits as needed


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The sponsor of the child receives reports every four months with photos of the child from their Zambian support officer.  They also have the opportunity to write the child letters two to three times a year and do receive responses back.  Please note that communication is sometimes slower in Africa than in America!

Arise Africa tries to grow our child sponsorship program as fast as possible.  However, we have to be extremely careful in our management of this program to ensure that every single child is accounted for and receiving the help they should be.  This is why sometimes we do not have sponsorship spots available.  After the addition of 30 new children, we must take a few weeks to make sure the program is running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  If I can't choose a child to sponsor can Arise Africa choose for me?  Yes we can pick a child for you, just email and ask us!  Usually the hardest children for us to get sponsored are the older teenage girls.  These are some of our most vulnerable children whom we want in schools and not in the streets.  The dropout rate is high for teenage girls mostly due to pregnancy. 

2.  My credit card got stolen, compromised, the numbers or the expiration date changed.  How do I update my information for Arise Africa and my monthly donation for the child I sponsor?  Credit cards have become quite difficult as there are issues with fraud.  On our end it is really frustrating and Arise Africa uses very strict and special parameters to protect your card.  This is why we never know, or can see, your entire credit card number and we use a third party vendor who is fully secure to process your credit cards monthly (SAGE Payment solutions).  We currently are suggesting donors to use their checking account withdrawal (EFT option online) so that when their credit card is canceled or changed it does not mess up your payments to Arise Africa.

Here are the following steps to take if your credit card has been compromised,stolen or changed in any way:

Please go online and make a donation for $35 and choose a MONTHLY withdrawal and then let us know so we can cancel out your old card. (NOTE: If you sponsor more than one child this donation amount should represent the number of children you sponsor. Example: Two children would be a $70 monthly donation.) 

Here is the direct link to make a credit card donation online:

You also can choose to have it withdrawn from your checking account and then we don't run into these issues in the future.  If you want to do this please choose the “EFT” button under the payment option.  Then you will be asked to enter in your routing number and checking account number.

Arise Africa is not allowed to take your credit card information over the telephone.  We also do not recommend taking a photo of your credit card and emailing it to us.  The most secure way to update your credit card information is through the website. 

2.  Do I get to write the child I sponsor?  How many times a year and when?  We work very hard for you to have the opportunity to write your child at least twice a year.  Zambia does not have a postal system like America.  There are no addresses or zip codes to send mail to.  Therefore, we only are able to take letters to our sponsored children when someone is flying to Zambia and can be the "letter carrier."  We also struggle to email letters to children in Zambia through our staff.  To help people understand, Zambia only has enough power for their country to have it for about half a day.  Subsequently, having computers that are charged are a challenge in itself.  Internet is very poor and not reliable in Zambia.  We email sponsors when a letter writing opportunity is coming up, making sure they have ample time to get it ready and mailed to our offices.