Christine moved into the Arise Home in May of 2016 at the age of 5.  Christine suffers from albinism, and is an albino.  She was already in custody with the Zambian government because of concern for her safety.  Unfortunately individuals who are albinos in Africa are sometimes mistreated and can even be killed for their body parts.  They are targets for witch doctors. Christine's parents, whom we believe are no longer alive, left her in the care of a grandmother who did not treat her well.  Fortunately the government was made aware of the extreme abuse and stepped in and helped.  The grandmother is currently in prison in Zambia for child abuse and the government took custody of Christine. 

We were asked by social welfare to consider moving Christine into the Arise home and we jumped on the opportunity.  Christine has bad eyesight, which is normal for children with albinism.  She recently received glasses which are helping.

Christine has a very sweet personality and loves to dance and sing.  She is our youngest girl and is loved well by our older kids.  She also is a bit of a spit fire and can show us how she wants her way! She has been known to throw a tantrum or two. 

We are loving getting to know Christine more and need help getting her fully sponsored. If you wish to join team Christine please click on the button below and sign up to help her for $50 or more per month. To be fully funded, Christine needs 50 more dollars.