Hunter Smith Memorial Playground

ELLEN AND CLAYTON QUOTE ABOUT HUNTER HERE (will work with ann to get this)

- Ellen & Clayton Kershaw





Hunter Smith passed away on April 16, 2016 at the age of 29. Hunter had been a loyal and strong supporter of Arise Africa.  He had come on two mission trips with Arise and Kershaw’s Challenge.  Hunter was deeply loyal and made new and dear friends in every chapter of life. He was a natural and humble leader, never asking anyone to follow. Yet with Hunter's magnetic personality, people wanted to follow. He had gift for making others feel known and like they had a place. The unique flip side to that is that Hunter wanted to be known by others. He was confident in the Lord's constant and mercy-filled work in his life, allowing others to be part of the journey.  Hunter lived with passion on his sleeve for the world to see. He had a deep love for children, an attribute that was exemplified during his mission trips. The Zambian children knew the tangible love of Christ through a larger-than-life uncle from Texas with endless energy and a child-like faith.

Through Kershaw’s Challenge, a scholarship was funded in Hunter’s honor allowing an individual to come on a mission trip with Arise each year.  Since 2016 Arise Africa has had incredible honorees come to Zambia because of the scholarship.

Now the Smith family is partnering with Arise Africa and Kershaw's Challenge to raise funds for the Hunter Smith Memorial Playground.  This playground will be for the brand new school Arise is building with Kershaw's Challenge, The Arise Christian School. 


    The project plan consists of two large playground sets.  One will be for children ages roughly 4-7 years old.  The other will be larger and serve children 7-12.  The playground sets will be purchased second hand in America and shipped to Zambia.  Unfortunately we are not able to purchase durable sets in the country of Zambia that would last and take the wear and tear of so many children.  We also cannot have them made that are of the safety standards of sets found in America.  Arise Africa is working with a non profit, Kids Around the World, which purchases and ships playgrounds for these causes.


Large Child Playground Set: $14,000

Small Child Playground Set: $11,000

Swings:   $4,000

Benches, Trashcan, ground cover: $7,000

Shipping: $4,000 (international)

Tool Package: $500



                              Actual Small Children's Playground Set to be Purchased

                             Actual Small Children's Playground Set to be Purchased

                                             Actual Large Children's Playground Set to be Purchased

                                            Actual Large Children's Playground Set to be Purchased