Peter is our oldest child that is living in the home. Peter was living in a home that had too many people and the conditions were not healthy. A few people in the home had died of cholera. He was sleeping on a dirt floor. He struggled during the rainy season because his feet were constantly wet and would become infected.

Peter moved into the Arise Home on December 17, 2012. He was immediately a fantastic leader in the home and understood his responsbilities. He works hard in school and is a great leader. He is very grateful for every opportunity we give him. He takes care of his school uniforms and supplies and is very thankful for everything we do. Peter hopes to be an attorney one day. We are so blessed to have Peter in the home with his cousin, Andrew. We know Peter will be a great leader for his country.

We are loving getting to know Munyunda more and need help getting him fully sponsored. If you wish to join team Munyunda please click on the button below and sign up to help him for $50 or more per month.