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Avelina Daka

Arise Christian School 9 years old, Grade 3

Avelina was born in October 2007, in Chipata District on the Eastern Province of Zambia. She comes from a family of 4 and is the 1st born. She stays with both parents (Anderson and Anastasia Daka) in Kasisi, Lusaka. Her father works as a gardener in Olympia, while her mother is a stay home Mom.

Avelina started school in 2014 at a community school in Ng’ombe. In 2016, she stopped schooling because her parents were unable to pay for her school. She was supposed to be grade 3 when stopped school.

Avelina loves to play. Her favorite outdoor activities are dodgeball and hopscotch. When indoors, she enjoys watching cartoons – her favorite being Sofia the first. She loves the colors are red, blue, pink and orange. Her favorite is blue. Her favorite fruit is orange, while her favorite meal is rice prepared with sausage.

When she grows up, Avelina wants to be a nurse.

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