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Aaron Mwale

Arise Christian School 14 years old, Grade 8

Aaron Mwale was born in 2005 in Lusaka. He is the first born in a family of five children. His father, Aaron Mwale, is not in any form of employment but his mother, Christine Mwale, works as a cleaner at Faith and Hope School.

Aaron’s favorite memory verse is Revelation 4:11 because God ought to be praised. His favorite Bible story is the story of Moses because he was inspired in how Moses spoke to God and would like to have the same experience.

Aaron has a number of favorites; color black, banana for fruit and nshima with pumpkin leaves for a meal. He also likes to play football. His favorite subjects are English and mathematics. When he completes school, he wants to study banking so that he can one day become a bank manager.

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