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Peter Nguni

Arise Christian School 8 years old, Grade 1

Peter comes from a family of 4, two brothers and 1 step sister. He is the 3rd born. His father and mother separated in 2013. However, his mother now remarried. Peter lives in Ng’ombe Township with his stepfather, Edson, who works as a gardener, and his mother, Grace, who works as a maid. Both Edson and Grace help each other to sustain the livelihood of the family. Peter started school when he was very little, at the age of 2. He went to kindergarten at Emidel School, a community school within Ng’ombe. In 2017, he stopped going because his parents moved further away from the school and struggled to pay for him. Peter is very creative and loves to make toy cars out of wires and plastic bottles. He also loves to play soccer. Peter’s favorite food is Nshima with chicken, and his favorite fruit is an apple. His favorite color is red. Peter is not yet sure what he wants to be when he grows up.

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