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Jane Phiri

Arise Christian School 14 years old, Grade 6

Jane was born in Chadiza district in the Eastern Province of Zambia. She comes from a family of 3 and is the second born. Both her parents died when she was only 7 years old. A few years after, she moved to Lusaka, where she has been staying with her aunt and uncle. Neither are employed. The uncle has a problem with his legs, which makes him unable to work. The family only relies on income earned from odd jobs in order to survive.


Like a lot of other Zambian children, Jane loves to help out with chores at home. In her free time, she loves to play dodge ball, and waida (a Zambian game), with her friends. She does not really know how to read but she has interests in learning how to. In fact, her favorite subject is English. When she grows up, Jane wants to be a teacher. She loves that teachers get to teach kids and impart knowledge in them. She wants to do the same in future.

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