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Naomi Mvula

Arise Christian School 13 years old, Grade 3

Naomi comes from a family of 9 and is the 8th born. Her mother has been married 3 times and has children from all three men. Naomi is from the 3rd husband, who she lives with. The two other husbands are deceased.

Naomi’s mother recently stopped work because she was a maid for a family that relocated to another place. On the other hand, her father is not in formal employment but does some piece work. Both parents are supporting each other in sustaining the livelihood of the family.

Naomi has a variety of favorite things like Nshima with sausage for meal, orange for fruit and yellow for color. She also loves to play hop-scotch. Naomi loves soccer more than any other sport. When she grows up, Naomi wants to be a lawyer.

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