Chris Siame

Taonga School 6 years old Grade 1

Christopher, who goes by Chris, is the second born in a family of 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. He lives with his mom, great aunt, aunt, and 3 siblings in a township called, Mtendere East, less than 2 miles from Taonga School. Both his mom and his great aunt work as maids. Chris is a smart boy who likes to look nice and always keep his shoes and uniform very clean. He even keeps a cloth in his pocket for dusting off his shoes.

When Chris is at home, he enjoys helping out with house chores, especially doing the dishes. He also likes to play with his toy cars. He goes to church every Sunday and likes learning about Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. When he finishes school, he wants to become a pilot because he likes planes and would love to be the one who gets to fly them one day.

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