Faith Nyamulanga

Taonga School 5 years old Baby Class

Faith lives in Mtendere East with her parents. She is the first born in a family of 3 boys and 1 girl. Her mom works in Ibex Hill as a maid, and her dad works as a carpenter. Faith is an open young girl. She likes to learn new things and have conversations with people. She is a confident girl who enjoys being in school. Her favorite subjects are Math and Drawing. She also likes eating and playing different games with her classmates such as tag, dodgeball, and skipping rope. Faith walks to school with her friend Memory, a grade 1 pupil. They enjoy walking together and tell stories funny stories from home. Faith’s favorite food is apples and nshima with veggies and beans. In her free time, Faith likes to play house with her friends at home. She says she doesn’t help out with the chores at home, because a lot of older people to do them.  Faith wants to be a doctor when she completes her education because she has a passion to help sick people.

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