Emelia Mambwe.jpg

Emilia Mambwe

Taonga School 3 years old Baby Class

Emilia is the forth born child in a family of 5, 4 girls and 1 boy. She lives with both parents in a township known as Chainda, which is in Lusaka. Her mother, Mary, is a stay at home mom while her father, Anthony, recently found a job as a general worker at the airport.

Emilia likes school and her favorite thing to do in class is drawing. Emilia has a number of favorites, these are: pink for color, orange for fruit and rice served with beef for food. She also has a favorite verse from the book of Psalm.100vs3. Emilia likes playing tag and play house with her sisters. She also enjoys playing dodge ball. Emilia wants to be a teacher when she completes her education.

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