Josephine Chibwaya

Arise Christian School 15 years old Grade 8

Josephine was born in Ng’ombe Township, Lusaka. She comes from a family of 5 and she is the second born in her family. Josephine lives with both her parents and her 3 siblings. The other sibling does not stay with the family. He is in the Copperbelt Province. Her father works as a grounds keeper and her mother stays home to look after the family. Josephine wrote her final primary school exams last year in December. She passed her exams with flying colors but her parents could not afford to enroll her into grade 8 due to lack of funds.

Josephine is a very reserved child. But she is able to communicate very well. She can speak two languages: Nyanja and English. During her free time, Josephine likes to draw and read. Also she loves to cook with her mother in the kitchen. The following are some more of her favorites:  strawberries for a fruit, blue for color. English, Math, and Science for subjects. When she grows up, Josephine wants to be a Journalist.

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