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Rayton Sichilunga

Arise Christian School 12 years old Grade 3

Rayton was born in 2004 in Lusaka. He is the third born in a family of four children (two girls and two boys). He lives with his parents and siblings as well as his two nephews. His mother, Justina Mwale, sells charcoal while the father, Rayton Sichilongo, engages in piecework.

Rayton’s favorites are as follows: blue for color, apple for fruit and Nshima with beans for a meal. He also likes games such a Sega (video games) and football for sport.

Before coming to Arise Christian School, Rayton was a pupil at another school where the parents could not afford to pay his school fees. As a result, he was at home for a whole term. His performance at school was fair and he intends to get even better now that he has started school again. His favorite subjects are English and Social and development studies. When he completes school, he wants to study to be an Accountant.

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