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Goodson Chiluba

Arise Christian School 7 years old Grade 1

Goodson comes from a family of 8 and is the last born. He lives with both of his parents in Lusaka. His father, Boston Chiluba, is retired, while his mother, Christine Chiluba, is a stay home mom. Before retiring, Boston built a small flat, from which each room is rented out at a very small price. The money he gets from this flat sustains the family.

Goodson is an active child. He has a lot of friends and loves to play outside with them. His favorite outdoor activity is playing tag with his friends. Besides that, he loves to play with toy cars.  His other favorite things are blue for color, rice with gravy for food, and bananas for fruit. He is not sure what he wants to become when he grows up but being a soldier, police officer or doctor is part of his list.

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