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Bupe Sakala

Arise Christian School 14 years old Grade 4

Bupe comes from a family of 5, two boys and 3 girls. Ever since her parents separated 5 years ago, Bupe has been staying with her aunt. Her aunt supports Bupe, but things have gotten tough. Bupe has not been to school in over a year due to financial challenges. She wants to be a teacher after completing her education because she wants to help other kids learn how to read and write. According to the first assessment, Bupe is struggling in all the subjects since she has not been in school for a long time. She has the zeal to learn and her favorite subject is English. The following are some of Bupe’s favorites: rice with eggs for food, banana for fruit, pink for color. Bupe’s favorite playtime activity is soccer and she plays for one of the few girls soccer team in Ng’ombe.

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