It is that time of year and we need to get all of our kids in sponsorship ready for Christmas!  Please read the directions carefully to help us ensure your child receives a gift this year. If you still have questions, don't forget to read the frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page!

If you are a Child Sponsor you have two options to help us with their gift:



You can shop for your child and pick out their gifts.  Please download a suggested gift form and fill ONE 2-gallon Ziploc bag.  You can mail or drop off the bags to us at our office in Fort Worth.  We also have a drop off location in Dallas for your convenience.  Please enclose your letter to your child that they will open with their gifts in December as well as a letter for them to open when we go to Zambia in July. Make sure to clearly label these letters "DECEMBER" and "JULY" so we can deliver them correctly.

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If you want to fill more bags than children you have sponsored, we would love your help!  Please fill as many Ziplocs as you desire and mark the bag with the gender and age the gifts correspond to!

EVERYTHING (bags and letters ) MUST BE IN OUR HANDS BY JUNE 11th!


If you do not have time to make a bag for your child please email us and we can charge your credit card $45 for the contents of the bag, the drawstring backpack, and the cost of shipping the bag. You can also send a check to the Fort Worth office at the address above. Please send a letter for us to enclose in the bag we make for your child, as well as a letter for them to open when we go to Zambia in July. The two letters can also be sent to our Fort Worth address.

Want to pay for more than one child? That is a huge blessing for us!  Please let us know how many children you wish to sponsor bags for and we can charge you accordingly. 


We would love your help to bless our staff as well.  Please shop our Amazon Wish List or make a donation online.  We will take care of the rest.  Last year it was so fun to see our staff get boxes of love too.  


1.  I am confused at how many letters to write my child?

       Right now you can write your child TWO letters and send them to us.  One will be put in their Christmas bag which they will see in December.  The other one will be taken to Zambia in July when we go to visit for the summer.  Please label each letter "JULY" and "DECEMBER" so that we know which one is for the bag and which one is to be taken over in the summer.

2. Does my child get everything I put in the bag?

        Your child will get one of everything you place in your bag! If there are multiple items in your bag, it is possible that the extras will be pulled to go to a child who wouldn't other wise receive a bag. Any personalized, pricier, or distinctive items will ALWAYS end up in your child's bag. %75-%80 of all items you purchase will end up in your child's hands. We give our best effort to make all children's swag bags even. Hang with us and please give us grace as we do our best!

3.  I am an Arise Home sponsor, do I make a bag for my child?

      No, our children in the Arise Home celebrate Christmas differently than our children not in full time custody.  We will continue to inform you of the things we would like to purchase for them in early November.  BUT you can write your child in the home a letter right now that we would love to take with us this Summer.  Please send it to our Fort Worth office no later than June 11th. 

4.  What does the $45 cover?

       It costs us quite a bit of money to ship these items to Zambia.  Your $45 helps cover the cost of shipping, the drawstring backpack, and the items in the backpack.

5.  What are the best items to put in my child's bag?

        For one, we love it if underwear is sent.  Most children do not have underwear so this is very helpful.  Anything that can be used in school like pencils, pens etc. is also very helpful.  Learning items such as flash cards are great.  And of course fun things too!  Anything that has to do with Christian rap for our older boys (cheap cd's) is a big hit as well. 

6.  What if I don't know the size of my child for clothing and what clothing should I send?

     If you are wondering what size will fit best, our suggestion is this: go to the last child report sent to you via email. Check the age of your child and look at their photo (most of the children are very slim). Make the best guess depending on suggestions given on the underwear packaging. When in doubt, go up a size because they can always grow into them! Do not worry too much about sizing, children are resourceful and will facilitate trade with one another if needed.  The weather in December is hot, we would recommend a t-shirt and shorts.  However long sleeved works too. 

7.  Can I get other individuals involved to make more bags?

        Yes PLEASE do! We need help filling all of our bags and having funding for this project.  Let us know your estimated bag count so that we can plan accordingly.  

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