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Alissa Rosebrough is Executive Director of Arise Africa.  Alissa’s love for Zambia started in 2006 when she was working as a professional photographer for various aid organizations in Africa.  Afterspending an extended amount of time in Zambia in 2008 and 2009, Alissa felt a need to give back more than her images.   She left with a burning desire in her heart to help on a deeper level.  With the overwhelming generosity and help from others, Alissa and her friend, John Rosacker, founded Arise Africa in 2010.

Since day one, Alissa has facilitated and been in charge of Arise Africa.  She has helped have the vision and directed the growth the ministry has experienced.  Alissa helps oversee all operations in America from organizing teams, large projects, and all fundraising.  She visits Zambia three to four times a year where she spends extended time there as it allows.   Although Alissa is officially the head of Arise Africa she likes to quickly explain and remind individuals that the Zambian staff truly run Arise, do the hard work, and make the impact!

Alissa and her husband, Asher, live in Fort Worth, Texas where Arise Africa’s USA office is located.   They are expecting their first child in July of 2017.  In their free time they love being outdoors and can often be found on the Trinity Trails with their chocolate lab, Ella. 

Interesting Fact About Alissa: "I am left handed."

Funniest Thing about working with Zambians: "They are much quieter than me.  I guess the rumor that Americans are loud is very true!  They have learned to speak up with me though.  Oh yeah and our Zambian staff now fully understands sarcasm.  And that this white girl is a better dancer than them!"

Dream For Arise Africa: "I have so many dreams I don't know where to start.  I think my biggest dream is that we always play the role of helping people live to their potential that God created them for.  This is providing in ways for individuals to be self sustaining, serving and always striving for a better relationship with the Lord.  I dream about watching kids that we help graduate from college or seeing them succeed in life.  I also dream about our staff working in the roles and positions and having the lives they have always prayed for.  I dream about communities learning God's truth through pure love and relationships we can build." 


Faith works with Alissa and handles the Child Sponsorship and Arise Home programs in America. She is in charge of communicating to current sponsors about their children and sending out reports.  She also works to get more children sponsored. 

Interesting Fact About Faith: "I had never been to Africa before working here."

Funniest Thing about working with Zambians: “The funniest thing about working with Zambians is realizing how funny Americans are.  The things they notice about us make me re-think what we consider ‘normal.’  For example, the bank that Alissa’s husband works for was getting torn down for new offices to be built.  She sent pictures to our staff of the building being torn down.  One of our Zambians who had visited Texas a few months earlier and has gone to the bank said, "goodbye to that tube that used to suck things out of your car and into the bank."  I laughed so hard and then thought, "Oh wait… yeah that is weird."

Dream For Arise Africa: "My prayer for Arise Africa is that we would be able to show the love of Christ to the people we come into contact with everyday.  Not only these sweet kids in Zambia, but in our U.S. office, with our sponsors and with our staff.  I pray that through the proclamation of the gospel, the Lord would use us as a tool to change not only lives but communities as well."