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Arise Africa hired Mr. Webster Mwete to be the principal (headmaster) of Arise Christian School in January 2018.  What Webster has done is remarkable.  He has transformed the school with very little resources. 

Webster has been educated at a high level to be an educator himself. He has worked in schools and played many roles over the past 15 years. Although his salary is much higher than what the child sponsorship program could afford, we felt it was necessary to hire a qualified leader for the school.  The payoff has been worth it. 

The Arise Christian School continues to improve the level of education offered every term because of Webster.  He runs the school very well and invests in the teachers and the students.  He is committed to educating students who live in the slums and has a huge heart for the vulnerable. In fact, coming to work for us required for him to take a pay cut.  He did not run away when we told him we were currently educating 180 students in a home and not even a school.  He doesn't complain about the lack of resources. 

Webster is married with two children.  His sons are named _________________, they are ___ years old.  One of his sons, ______, suffers from sickle cell.

Webster's role in the school is of utmost importance.  We are asking you to consider sponsoring him on a monthly or annual basis to help cover his salary.