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Option #3 is a 3 night stay at the Anabezi Lodge off the banks of the Zambezi River in Zambia.

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You would leave the day after your mission trip (usually on a Saturday) and take a one hour flight to Jeki Airstrip which is near the lodge. 

Located on the banks of the Zambezi River in Zambia, you’ll find the exquisite Anabezi Lodge. Anabezi Lodge is made up of twelve spacious, secluded tents, raised on timber platforms to give you a magnificent view of the Lower Zambezi National Park. Its name, derived from the Ana Trees, or Winter Thorns, that surround it, is more than a luxurious camp, but home to all kinds of wildlife.

You will spend three nights in the Anabezi Lodge. Where the Zambezi River and Mushika Flood Plain meet, is also the meeting spot for hundreds of animal species. Come morning or night, you’ll be greeted with an array of game from the comfort of your tent. In an open 4x4 safari vehicle, you can explore the Lower Zambezi National Park when the sun goes down. Tending to laze around during the day, spot the big cats as they wonder around at night, hunting their prey. From the sounds of Africa at dusk, to the beautiful starry sky, it is a drive to remember.  

When your trip is over (usually on a Tuesday) you will be picked up at the lodge in the morning and taken to the Jeki Airstrip where you will fly back into Lusaka. If time permits in Lusaka, Arise Africa will pick you up and bring you back to the Arise Africa complex. You will have time to rest and relax for the afternoon and grab dinner. If there is not enough time, Arise Africa will meet you at the airport with your additional luggage. Then you will take a late night flight out of Lusaka that night at 9:30PM to start your trip to America.  You will fly from Lusaka to Dubai that night (6-8 hours).  You will have a layover in Dubai.  You will arrive back in America two days later in the morning (usually a Wednesday morning). NOTE: depending on where you live in America, you might get back earlier or later.  (Wednesday morning is for anyone flying out of DFW)

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Activity Options:

  • Guided Game Viewing

  • Canoeing Safari

  • Night Drives Exploring the Park

  • Walking Safari

  • Boating on the Zambezi

  • Fresh Water Fishing

  • Spectacular Bird Watching

    (Note: All of these activities and many more can be booked upon arrival at an additional cost)


Cost per person in a single room - $1,592

Cost for two people in a room - $3,184 per person


  • Flights from Lusaka to Jeki Airstrip and back

  • Chauffeur service from Jeki Airstip to Anabezi Lodge and back

  • All meals and accommodation

  • All game viewing activities – fishing costs $5 more per fishing trip.


  • Does not include alcoholic drinks and park fees

  • Park fees for non residents of Zambia are $100 per day. This can be paid in advance or at the Lodge.

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How to sign up: 

Please email Alissa the trip you wish to do and send a check to Arise Africa for the cost.  If you wish to have Arise process your credit card please advise Alissa to do so in the email.