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Option #5 is a 2 night Tiger-fishing trip on the Zambezi River at Sekoma Lodge

                                                                                   Sekoma Island lounge

                                                                                   Sekoma Island lounge


This trip is ALL about tigerfishing on the Zambezi River.  This is more of an adventure trip than a fancy lodge!  If you like to fish, this is a great trip!  You would fly from Lusaka to Livingstone and be met by guides from the Sekoma Lodge. There you would spend two nights at Sekoma fishing on the river with guides.  Fly fishing and bait and spin fishing are all offered. 

Sekoma offers "chalets" that you stay in literally yards from the Zambezi.  There you will see and hear hippos, elephants, and other game.  All your meals are cooked for you and you eat at a central lodge with other anglers and guides. 

During the day you would be partnered with a guide in boat or kayak fishing the Zambezi. (limit two anglers in each boat)

When your trip is over (usually on a Monday) you will be picked up at the lodge in the morning and taken to the Livingstone airport where you will fly back into Lusaka.  In Lusaka, Arise Africa will pick you up and bring you back to the Arise Africa complex.  You will have time to rest and relax for the afternoon and grab dinner.  Then you will take a late night flight out of Lusaka that night at 9:30PM to start your trip to America.  You will fly from Lusaka to Dubai that night (6-8 hours).  You will have a layover in Dubai.  You will arrive back in America two days later in the morning (usually a Wednesday morning). NOTE: depending on where you live in America, you might get back earlier or later.  (Wednesday morning is for anyone flying out of DFW)

                    Arise Africa executive Director, Alissa rosebrough and her father at Sekoma lodge

                    Arise Africa executive Director, Alissa rosebrough and her father at Sekoma lodge



Activity Options:

  • Fishing
  • Game Viewing
  • Bird Watching



Cost per person either sharing in a double room or a single room: $1,500


  • Flights from Lusaka to Livingstone and back
  • Chauffeur service from Livingstone Airport to Sekoma Lodge and road transfer tax
  • All meals, drinks, and accommodation at Sekoma (2 people in each chalet)
  • Full Time Guide service and boat access daily
                                                                                       Sekoma Lodge Chalet

                                                                                       Sekoma Lodge Chalet

How to sign up: 

Please email Alissa the trip you wish to do and send a check to Arise Africa for the cost.  If you wish to have Arise process your credit card please advise Alissa to do so in the email.