Adopt a Project

Although education and discipleship are our main focuses, Arise Africa believes strongly in developing the whole child. We desire to give our children opportunities create memories with each other through some of life’s simple joys. Below are a few ways you can partner with us outside of sponsoring a child!


  1. Give Individually: Choose to give a one time donation for a project by giving a part of or the entire cost. Click the “Give Individually” button to make your donation!

  2. Start a Campaign: Get a group together to raise money towards a goal! Click the “Start a Campaign” button to begin fundraising and share your cause on social media to rally more support.

Purchase a Classroom TV!

Our goal is to provide quality education at our schools. Help us provide a more interactive learning environment for our students by purchasing a classroom tv! From social science to bible study and everything in between, these resources provide our classrooms with more dynamic learning!

PROJECT COST: $600 funds one tv. If you’d like give a little or fully fund one, we appreciate any amount you can give toward this interactive learning experience for our students.

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teacher aap.jpg

Help us care for our teachers by donating towards a teacher appreciation activity! 

Our teachers are INCREDIBLY important to our program. Without well educated, hard working, invested teachers, we couldn’t provide the education to our children in Zambia that they deserve.

Arise Africa has a strong desire to show our teachers appreciation through taking them to dinners, giving them transportation stipends, Christmas gifts, extra personal teaching supplies and more. Our teachers come highly recommended and could be making a better salary at a private school in the area. However, out of their passion for educating underprivileged children, have joyfully joined our efforts at Arise.

We feel a responsibility and it is our privilege to show our teachers how grateful we are for their hard work and sacrifice. Help us tell them “thank you” by donating to our Teacher Appreciation fund!

NOTE: If you wish to donate funds to teachers at a specific school please let us know!

PROJECT COST: Unlimited. $100 will be enough to fund one meal outing with the entire teaching staff, but we will always need funding to show our teachers the appreciation they deserve! We will send you photos!

Shop for the Arise Home

We are constantly needing items for both Arise Homes.  As kids grow, clothes are needed or different books in the library would help them in school.  Please consider shopping our Arise Home wish list on Amazon.  If you would like to receive a tax receipt for the item(s) you purchased please forward us your Amazon receipt and we will provide one for you. 


Fun “outing” for Arise Homes

We love to have extra funds for activities for our Arise Home children! By funding this project you will enable our Arise Home house parents to take our children out on activities such as a pizza night, the movies, the local swimming pool, Art exhibits, go carts, the Air Show at the airport and more. Having the opportunity for activities enables us to expose our children to more and makes life much more fun! This donation funds the transportation costs and the activity costs. We do allow the children and house parents to choose the activity once funds are donated. You will receive an email update with photos from the activity once the donation comes in and the activity happens.


Do you need ideas for a fundraising project?!

  • Garage sale - Group up with some friends and hold a garage sale! Everyone has junk and is more than willing to let you come pick it up, especially for charity.

  • Lemonade Stand - Kids have raised thousands of dollars for Arise Africa through lemonade stands!

  • Party - Throw a fundraising party, there's always a reason to celebrate!

Please email Alissa at with any questions about the projects listed.