Meet the Boys

We are beyond blessed and honored to have incredible children living in our full-time care. The boys home is run by two Zambian house mothers and a "house dad," also known as our gardener, Jeff.  The children attend a private school where they receive a great education.  They are involved in their church and love their youth groups.  They also really like sports! 

The home consists of a large den/kitchen and two large bedrooms for the boys.  There is also a library, house mom's room, and bathroom.  The boys' home has a very large yard with a soccer field and basketball court.  They also have a garden that supplies many of the vegetables for both the boys and girls homes. After years of begging, our boys also welcomed our chocolate lab into the home, Mukwa Mukwa is a type of tree in Zambia that wood is used to make furniture). One of our oldest boys, Mukonda, is in charge of Mukwa, and he takes his job very seriously. 

If you are to visit the boys home, you should expect to be hit at least once by a soccer ball.  You will be offered to ride one of their many bikes and also to play with Mukwa.  You might smell a combination of body odor and men's cologne, and you will definitely be told some riddles/jokes from Fred.










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