Meet the Girls

We are beyond blessed and honored to have incredible girls living in our full-time care. The girls home was built in 2016.  They are just a few blocks away from the boys home.  Each girl has one or two roommates, and they were involved in the decorating process.  There are many interesting and "bold" color choices in the home!  Although it was difficult for our Executive Director, Alissa, she has accepted that the home might not look as "put together" as she had hoped, but the girls are happy. 

The girls live with our house moms, Dailes and Lembo. There are lots screams and giggles that happen in the girls home.  There is also a lot of reading in the library and jump rope on the back driveway.  The front porch is large and was made that way for the purpose of constant hours of hair braiding that happens. Our girls love to read books, and our older ones are enjoying chapter books or series of books.  They also love to play sports and be outside.  They play soccer and netball.  Some of our girls participate in a local softball league.  They all love to swim and take swimming lessons during their school breaks in December.

If you visit the girls home you should expect to laugh, a lot.  You also should expect to have your own hair braided, male or female.  And you should be prepared to learn some type of silly "patty-cake" game that you will not be very good at.