Armon in 2012

Armon in 2012

Armon lived in Matero compound and attended school as one of Arise Africa's sponsorship children. He has experienced a great deal of trauma in his childhood. Armon witnessed his father murder his mother. After his father was put in prison, he went to live with his grandmother. Unable to take care of Armon, the grandmother left him alone for the larger part of his time living with her.  By the grace of God in December of 2012, Arise Africa received custody of Armon and he moved into the Arise Home.

At the time, Armon was a very angry child, which everyone understood. Though with time, prayers, knowing Jesus, and counseling he has turned into the a completely different person. Armon is one of the most sweet, gentle, and inquisitive kids in the home! He loves to solve problems and isn't afraid to ask as many questions as will be answered! Armon is incredibly willing to work. He loves cars and spends tons of time learning with our mechanic.  He works hard in school and we can't wait to see what The Lord does with His life! We are so lucky to have Armon in our care.

 If you wish to join team Armon, please click on the button below and sign up for $50 or more per month. Armon has $50 left until he is fully funded. If you'd like to fill team Armon with fellow friends and family, spread the word!