Meet Amy

We are so excited to announce that the Arise Africa USA office is growing!

After interviewing so many amazing applicants, we have hired a new communications and marketing director, Amy Gracia. Now first of all we need to take note that her last name is NOT Garcia, it is like “Gracias” without the S!

Amy is from Fontana California and heard about Arise Africa through Kershaw’s Challenge. For years she has sponsored children through Arise and had gone on multiple mission trips with us. When we posted the job opportunity online, we were shocked she would even consider moving to Texas for a job at Arise!

Amy’s role will be to help publish newsletters, run our social media platforms, and facilitate marketing campaigns during fundraisers. She is going to be BUSY!

Amy loves to be outdoors and loves plants. In fact, a few even made the move with her from California! This is a major bonus for the American office because Faith can’t keep anything alive and we have a few plants that will greatly benefit from Amy’s presence.

Amy is an “old soul” and doesn’t use many words to communicate but her work ethic and actions speak volumes. (this is something the rest of us could learn from!) We are beyond thrilled and blessed to have her on our team and a part of the Arise family. Please feel free to welcome Amy and say a prayer for her time of transition in her job and to the great state of Texas! She was already thrilled to see we still use plastic bags at the grocery store!

– Alissa

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