Hello! My Name Is:

Agness Zulu

I go to Arise Christian School and am currently in Grade 2. I am 9 years old, and I love playing hopscotch!

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About Agness

Agness is the last born in a family of seven children, three girls and four boys. Agness was born at Ng’ombe clinic and she has lived in Ng’ombe with her family since she was born. Agness’ mum is a self-taught dressmaker and she once had a shop where she would make different outfits to earn a living. Sadly, thieves broke into the shop and stole all of her machines. Thankfully, she has bounced back after 2 years of being home without doing anything. Agness’ mom has managed to get herself a machine that she is currently using to make different outfits. Agness’ dad is not in formal employment either. He does odd jobs but unfortunately, he rarely provides for the family. Agness’ mom is the one fending for the family through her business thus, life has not been easy.  Four of Agness’ siblings have completed school, but currently are not doing anything. The fifth born in Agness’ family is expecting a baby soon. Agness on the other hand is excited about starting school at Arise Christian School. She was always looking forward to starting school but had little hope because of challenges at home. Agness can write and she is improving in her reading skills. Agness’s favorite game is hopscotch. Nshima (a Zambian staple food) with vegetables and chicken or sausage is her favorite meal. Her favorite color is pink. She loves Barbie the cartoon. When Agness completes school, she wants to work in a church. 

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