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Bridget Lwembe

Mulungushi University, Pre-Medicine

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About Bridget

Bridget was born in August 2002. She is the 2nd child from a family of 5. She has four half-sisters: Trish, Alice, Susan, and Natasha. Bridget’s favorite color is grey. Her favorite meal is fried chicken served with rice. 

Bridget has been raised by her grandmother, Bana Lizzy. She moved with her grandmother in 2014 because her mother was unable to send her to school. Her grandmother was struggling too but was in a better position to send Bridget to school. At the time, her grandmother supported them by working as a cook and cleaning lady at a local school. 

Bridget began in the Arise Africa student sponsorship program when she was in the 4th grade in 2014. She is very grateful to have been selected for the sponsorship program. Her grandmother would not have been able to keep her in school this long if it had not been for Bridget’s sponsorship. Her grandmother has continued to express her gratitude to the program.

In December 2020, Bridget graduated from high school after completing her grade 12 exams. Bridget’s grades were the highest at her school and at all of our kids in the sponsorship program in 2020. She applied to study clinical medicine at Mulungushi University, one of the leading medical universities in Zambia, and was accepted!

Bridget is the first person in her home to score this well on their grade 12 exams  and qualify for university. Her family and former teachers are proud of her. She has become an example to the children in her community and the rest of the children in the sponsorship program! Bridget is enjoying university and all of the new experiences of this new phase of life! She feels humbled and blessed that she has been sponsored through high school and now at university!

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