Hello! My Name Is:

Catalina Banda

I am 5 years old in Kindergarten at the Arise Christian School. I want to be a doctor!

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Catalina Banda

Catalina is 5 years old and in Kindergarten at our Arise Christian School. She lives with her mother and father. Her father is a cleaner and her mother sells groceries at times. Catalina’s favorite meals are Rice, Nshima, banana, and apples. Her favorite colors are white and pink and she loves to write and play with puzzles.

She is a jovial girl and she loves to put things in order when she is at school and at home. Catalina has grown up with the love of going to church with her mother and siblings. Catalina’s favorite bible story is the story of Joseph and her favorite Bible verse is Psalms 23:1. Her favorite character trait of God is that He is a Shepherd and always guides His people to the right path.

Catalina wants to be a Doctor when she finishes her education.

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