Hello! My Name Is:

Charles Tembo

I go to Kasamba Primary School and am currently in Grade 4. I am 9 years old, and I want to join the army!

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About Charles

Charles is the last born in a family of 7 kids. He lives with his parents and siblings in Matero Township in Lusaka. Mr. Tembo supports the family by going to construction sites and doing bricklaying. Mrs. Tembo sells vegetables on the side to sustain the family income. Charles has the brightest smile and a warm personality. He is very energetic and very influential among his mates. One unique thing about him is that he befriends boys who none of his classmates may befriend because they are different. He is definitely a people person! Charles likes to learn. His favorite subjects are math and creative and technology studies. Charles loves Power Rangers. Charles also likes going to church. His favorite Bible story is that on Joseph. His favorite Bible passage is Psalm 23. When he grows up, he would like to join the army or police force!

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