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Christine B Banda

I am 14 years old in Grade 6 at MacDonald Brown School. I love to sing in my church choir!

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Christine B Banda

Christine is 14 years old and is the third born in a family of four siblings. She lives with her parents and siblings in Lusaka. Her father was recently involved in a car accident that affected his legs, chest, and his right arm. Unfortunately, this caused him to lose his job. Her mother works doing small jobs such as washing clothes and cleaning houses in the neighborhood. From the little money she earns, she provides for the family, but it is a challenge. Christine comes from a Christian home and she attends the Christian reformed church in Mtendere East. Christine sings in the children’s choir at church she enjoys doing it because she gets to praise and worship God through singing.

Christine’s interests are reading books and storytelling. She spends her free reading stories to her siblings. Christine’s favorite meal is rice with chicken. Her favorite fruits are bananas and apples.

Christine is a strong, bold, and courageous girl and is excited to attend MacDonald Brown School where she will have a quality education. When she grows up, she wants to pursue a career in medicine so that she can help people.

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