Hello! My Name Is:

Daniel Ngosa

I go to Taonga School and am currently in Kindergarten. I am 3 years old, and I want to be a pilot!

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About Daniel

Daniel was born in a family of seven children, two boys and five girls. He is the last born and likes it that he has that many siblings. His mother, Ella, currently doesn’t work, but she used to work within Ibex Hill (a compound in Lusaka) as a house helper. His father, Anthony, works as a bricklayer with one of the international construction companies. Daniel’s favorite food is nshima (a Zambian staple food) with okra and chicken and apples and bananas for fruit. Daniel has a friend, Gabriel. He enjoys playing with toy cars and watching cartoons on jimjam channel with him. Daniel wishes to be a pilot when he completes his education!

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