Hello! My Name Is:

David Albert Makonga

I am 6 years old in Kindergarten at the Arise Christian School. I love food and football!

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David Albert Makonga

David is 6 years old and is in Kindergarten at our Arise Christian School. He lives with his mother and his two siblings. His mother works in a salon and his father works on a farm very far away. His favorite food is nshima with anything – he is not picky! He loves playing with toys but football is his favorite game. He is a very social, friendly, and fun person who loves having fun with his family and making jokes.

His favorite school activity is learning mathematics because it keeps him busy. He is now learning about numbers and letters. He is active in class and is a team player. He is friendly and able to communicate with his peers. David is very hard-working in his academics. He is always active and pays extra attention to what his teacher is teaching.

David comes from a Christian family. His favorite bible verse is Romans 5:8 and his favorite Bible story is Noah and the ark. He loves listening to this story because God saved Noah and all kinds of animals that were there at that time. His favorite characteristic of God is that He is the Keeper.

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