Hello! My Name Is:

Priscovia Mwansa

I am 7 years old in Kindergarten
at the Arise Christian School.
I dream of becoming a doctor!

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Priscovia Mwansa

Priscovia is 7 years old and in Kindergarten at our Arise Christian School. She lives with her grandparents though she does see her parents sometimes. Her favorite foods are snacks! Priscovia is hardworking and her dream is to be a doctor when she completes school.

Priscovia is a calm and quiet person and has confidence in what she does. She has leadership skills and is an intelligent girl who communicates well and gets along with everyone. Priscovia is a very friendly person, she loves playing with her friend Anna. She likes writing, drawing, and teaching her friends about schoolwork when they have time for fun. Her favorite sport is football.

She is a very committed and prayerful Christian and loves going to church and attending Sunday school. Her favorite activity at church is singing songs and reciting Bible verses. Her favorite bible story is the story of Jesus and the man with a withered hand. John 3:16 is her favorite bible verse and her favorite characteristic of God is that He performs miracles.

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