Hello! My Name Is:

Joe Nyangu

I am 7 years old in Grade 1 at the Taonga School. I love Math!

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Joe Nyangu

Joe is 7 years old and in 1st Grade at our Taonga School. He lives with his parents and siblings and is the youngest of four children. His father, Kennedy, is a gardener at the Arise Africa complex and his mother, Clara, is a housewife. Joe’s favorite color is blue and his favorite food is rice with chicken and vegetables. Joe’s favorite subject in school is Mathematics though what he values most about school is being in a peaceful environment. He enjoys playing with his schoolmates and has proven to be very social.

Joe and his elder brother are soccer lovers. On weekends, they play soccer with their father at the prince Takamado football ground near their home. They also enjoy making toys like cars, motorbikes, and aircraft using clay soil.

Joe is raised in a Christian home and he enjoys attending Sunday school at the Catholic Church. Next year he will begin training to become an altar boy.

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