Hello! My Name Is:

Goodson Banda

I go to Arise Christian School, and I am in first grade! I want to be a pilot!

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About Goodson

Goodson is ten years old, and has one brother and one sister. He lives with his parents in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. Goodson’s mother is a chef, and his father is a plumber. Goodson likes to eat chicken and veggies, and his favorite color is red.

Goodson just started first grade, and he really likes school. He asks lots of questions, and is very inquisitive. He is able to write pretty well and is learning how to read. His favorite subject is english. When he is not in class, Goodson likes to play with the legos in the library. When Goodson grows up he wants to become a pilot so he can fly planes.

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