Hello! My Name Is:

Gracious Phiri

I go to Arise Christian School and am currently in Grade 2. I am 9 years old, and I want to be a police officer!

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About Gracious

Gracious is the last born in a family of two. His parents are separated and he stays with his mother, Mercy Mbulo, in Old Ng’ombe compound. His father, James Phiri, stays on the south side of Lusaka. Gracious and his mother have been living without his dad since he was five years old. The mother has been providing for him and his brother. His father does not provide support for his family. Gracious’s favorite food is nshima with veggies and beef. His favorite color is blue, and his favorite things to do are playing soccer and watching tv. Gracious enjoys being at church every Sunday! His mom has been encouraging her children to always go to church and understand the word of God. His favorite story in the Bible is about Jesus’ birth. It encourages him knowing that Jesus came from a humble background. When Gracious completes his education, he wants to become a police officer so that he can protect the citizens of Zambia.

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