Irené Masabarakiza

Texas A&M, Engineering

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What have you learned about college so far that is preparing you to be in College Station at the main Texas A&M campus?

Being in college this past year has taught me a lot about self discipline and the importance of creating relationships. Staying on top of classes has not been easy, especially in these unprecedented times, but I have learned to keep pushing to get to where I want to be. I’ve also learned that college is not just about completing classwork, but the people you meet and relationships you build along the way. I believe these attributes to be critical in my success for the rest of my college years.

How can sponsors pray for you?

Keep my family back home in Zambia in your prayers. Pray that God will continue to keep them safe.

About Irené

Irené Masabarakiza is a bright student from Zambia pursuing a degree in computer engineering at Texas A&M University in College Station. He came to the US in August 2019. He spent three semester at Texas A&M Chevron School of Engineering in Dallas. Because of his incredible grades and strong work ethic, he was able to transfer to College Station in January 2021!

Irené’s parents, Emile and Florence, are from Burundi and survivors of the country’s devastating civil war and genocide in 1993. They fled the country and met, fell in love, and got married in a refugee camp, where Irené was born. Irené, his parents, and two younger sisters eventually found safety and settled permanently in Zambia. Emile is a pastor at a church in Zambia and Florence is a teacher.

Irené is driven, hardworking, and focused. He excelled in high school, applied to many different universities in the States, and was accepted! Texas A&M was the best fit (and in our opinion, lucky to have him), given his passion and excitement for engineering. He is fascinated by computer technology and wants to learn how it all works. He wants to one day own his own company that focuses on capitalizing on new engineering capabilities to help develop not only his home but Africa as a whole.

When he’s not studying, he enjoys listening to and playing music, game nights, embarking on new experiences. He’s quickly becoming a true Texan, enjoying all Texas has to offer – Whataburger, Mexican food, hunting, and fishing!

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