Hello! My Name Is:

Joshua Lembo

I am 6 years old in Kindergarten at Taonga School.
I want to be a policeman!

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Joshua Lembo

Joshua is 6 years old and in Kindergarten at our Taonga School. He has a little sister and lives with his mother and stepfather. When Joshua is home he enjoys watching his favorite cartoon, Mickey Mouse Fun House, with his cousin Angelo. Joshua is very helpful to his family and he often assists his mother with light chores such as folding baby clothes, drying the dishes with a tea towel, and making his bed every morning. He enjoys his mother’s cooking and his favorite meal is rice with sausage.

Joshua is very talented, loving, kind, and obedient. He is very smart and has great class concentration. He enjoys playing with building blocks and teaching his friends how to speak English. Sometimes he enjoys playing on the swing, monkey bars, and slide with his friends. His hobbies are drawing, writing, dancing, and playing football.

In his free time Joshua enjoys drawing houses, cars, and animals. He later colors them with his favorite colors blue, green, and purple. He also enjoys babysitting his young sister Hope and singing her lullabies. Joshua is a Christian and on Sunday he goes to church with his parents and young sister. He wants to be a policeman when he grows up.

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