Hello! My Name Is:

Karen Apuleni

I go to New Matero Secondary School and am currently in Grade 9. I am 16 years old, and I want to be a doctor!

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About Karen

Karen stays with her grandmother, mother, little brother, and her cousin. Her mother is a sole provider of the family. Her mother runs a business of selling fish this helps the family to meet their everyday needs. Karen’s favorite subject is science. Karen likes science because she enjoys learning about all the fun experiments and learning why things are the explanations behind them. When she completes her high school, Karen would love to be a medical doctor. Her favorite meal is nshima served with fish and a vegetables. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite sport is soccer. She is in the soccer team at her school and plays as a defender. She goes to a local church in the Matero Community. Her favorite Bible story is the story of Moses. She started doing baptism classes at church and can’t wait to be baptized!

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