Hello! My Name Is:

Memory Kabwela

I go to Arise Christian School and am currently in Grade 1. I am 7 years old, and I love the color pink!

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About Memory

Memory was born in Ng’ombe (a local compound). She is the last born in a family of four. She has two older brothers, Raymond and Noah, and one older sister, Rosemary. Memory lives with Rosemary and her husband in Ng’ombe compound. They live in a one room house which they rent. Their parents Mr. and Mrs. Kabwela are at their farm in the village. Memory’s brother-in-law is not formally employed. He does odd jobs to support the family. Rosemary also does odd jobs every now and then to complement. The family congregate at church within Ng’ombe compound. Memory is looking forward to being at ACS. She has the following favorites; nshima with chicken for food, pink for color, Sophia the first for TV show, B for letter, 10 for number and learning about Jesus in the Bible story. She can say the whole alphabet and can count from 1 to 10. She would love to be a teacher when she finishes school!

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