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Mercy Bowa

Hospitality Management at Zambia Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Studies

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About Mercy

Mercy is 19 years old and an incoming graduate student, having just graduated from New Matero Secondary School. She is the youngest of four children and is orphaned as both of her parents died when she was young. She has been raised by her grandmother with whom she lives. Mercy is known to be a bubbly person who is almost always happy. She loves to have fun with her friends and also enjoys getting to know new places.

She really loves school and especially enjoys Biology and Food and Nutrition. She is passionate about cooking and her favorite thing to eat is pasta with minced meat. Her favorite fruits are bananas, apples, and wild fruits. Her favorite color is black because she feels it is so elegant. In her free time she likes watching TV and fashion.

She is excited to begin studying Hospitality Management at the Zambia Institute of Tourism and Hospitality!

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