Hello! My Name Is:

Naomi Lyonga

I go to Arise Christian School, and I am in fourth grade! I play basketball!

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About Naomi

Naomi is twelve years old, and is in the fourth grade at Arise Christian School. She is the oldest, with one younger brother, and one younger sister. Both her siblings stay with their mother and grandparents in Kaoma, a town in Zambia, because Naomi’s father died a few years ago. Naomi lives with her uncle and his family so she can go to school. Naomi’s cousin, Allan, is also in fourth grade at ACS.
Naomi is enjoying her schooling. She just started at ACS, but she is already making friends. Her best friend is names Joyce. Her favorite food is french fries. Naomi’s favorite after school activity is the baking club. She really wants to learn how to bake. Naomi just learned how to play basketball so that is her favorite sport right now, but she really wants to learn to play netball. When she grows up, Naomi wants to be a lawyer. She does not completely know what they do, but she thinks it seems cool.

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