Hello! My Name Is:

Natasha Mumba

I go to Arise Christian School and am currently in Grade 1. I am 7 years old, and I love watching cartoons!

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About Natasha

Natasha is the fifth born in a family of six. She has two older brothers Emmanuel and George, two older sisters Mary and Anastasia and a young brother Matthew. The family live in a three-roomed house in Ng’ombe compound. Natasha’s father Mr. Rabson Mumba works as a security guard. Her mother Patricia Mumba is a housewife. The family congregates at a local church. Natasha attended kindergarten in one of the schools in Ng’ombe but her parents could not afford for her to start her first grade. Natasha is really looking forward to starting school at ACS. She is able to count 1 up to 10 and can recite the entire alphabet. She has a best friend at home, named Bupe. Natasha has the following favorites chicken for food, banana and orange for fruits and Tom and Jerry for TV show. When she grows up, Natasha would like to be a doctor because she would like to help the sick!

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