Hello! My Name Is:

Sharon Chabinga

I go to Taonga School and am currently in Grade 2. I am 9 years old, and I love reading!

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About Sharon

Sharon is 9 years old and has been with Tembenukani Christian community school since January 2020. Sharon is the only child from her family who comes to Tembenukani School. Sharon is an absolute joy to be around! She’s very jovial and enjoys having fun. She is quite an artistic young lady. She loves to draw and color. For the most part of the term before schools closed she enjoyed making papers flowers and creating things out of cotton and paper. Sharon loves school! She enjoys being in the school environment so much. She loves to read and writing. She is very enthusiastic about learning how to read perfectly. She wants to be able to read almost anything without facing any difficulties. Amongst the fun things she does, Sharon enjoys dancing and she is good at it. Her favorite food is nshima (Zambian staple food) with meat and her favorite fruits are oranges. Sharon loves the color blue. When she is at home she enjoys helping out with the chores in the kitchen. Sharon’s parents do odd jobs to get by and they are very appreciative of the fact that Sharon got admission into Tembenukani Christian Community School. Sharon comes from a home that believes in God and they put emphasis on the fact that she needs to attend church every Sunday and learn new things from the Bible. Her parents say that they are very much happy that she is getting an education but they also want her to have a solid Christian standing once she’s older!


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