Hello! My Name Is:

Shekinah Kazembe

I am 8 years old in Grade 2 at Taonga School.
My favorite book is the Jungle Book, what’s yours?!

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Shekinah Kazembe

Shekinah is 7 years old and in 2nd grade at our Taonga School. She is the youngest of three children and lives with her mother and father. Her mother is a stay at home mom and her father runs a kitchenware business. She is very hard-working and helpful, she assists her mother with light work such as drying the dishes with a tea towel and washing vegetables. Her favorite meal is rice served with beef and her favorite fruit is mango and pineapple.

She is very intelligent and focused and possesses great enthusiasm for her academic work and achieving good grades. Her favorite subject is English and her favorite book to read is Jungle Book. During break time at school she enjoys playing with her friends on the playground. She loves the swing, slide, and monkey bars. Her hobbies are drawing, writing, and singing. When she is free, she enjoys drawing trees, houses, and dolls. She later colors them with her favorite colors orange, pink, and purple.

When she is home, she enjoys watching her favorite cartoon with her sisters which is Bingo. She is a dog lover and often goes to her neighbor’s house who has two dogs to help feed them. She is a Christian and she goes to church with her parents and siblings every Sunday. She enjoys Sunday school lessons and her favorite Bible story is Noah’s Ark.

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