Christine moved into the Arise homes in May 2016.  Christine suffers from albinism, a condition in which you have little or no pigment in your skin. Unfortunately, albinism can be very dangerous in parts of Africa. This is because witch doctors have spread rumors about albinos. Individuals can be beaten and hurt because of this. Christine was not in a good situation before coming to Arise Africa.  She had been living with her grandmother who treated her very very poorly.  Physical abuse was a daily part of her life at a very young age.  The government stepped in and took Christine into custody because the situation was so bad.

Our partners at the Zambian welfare offices contacted us about taking Christine in.  They asked us because they knew our homes could provide a forever safe environment for her. 

Since moving in with Arise, Christine is a BALL of energy and personality.  She has never met a stranger.  She will tell you exactly what she wants and LOVES her older sisters.  She gets quite a bit of love being the youngest in the home.

We are so thankful the Lord gave us Christine!