It’s Christmas Time at Arise!

Partner with us to provide over 600 children in Zambia with a Christmas gift this year! Each student in our sponsorship program will receive a backpack or drawstring bag full of goodies. We fill the bags with essential items such as underwear and toothbrushes, and other fun things like sunglasses, soccer balls, and books! In order to get the bags to Zambia and organized for distribution, we have to start this process now, as shipping can take up to 5 months! We want our children to feel special and know that there are people thinking and praying for them! To make this possible, we need all of the help we can get!

If you sponsor a student in our sponsorship program, please read the directions below carefully to know how you can participate in our Christmas Swag Bag campaign and send in letters for your child! If you still have questions, don’t forget to read the frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page or email our Sponsorship Director, Molly.

If you are not a sponsor, but would love to mail us a swag bag for a child, shop our Amazon wishlist, or volunteer in our Fort Worth office, email our Sponsorship Director, Molly.

Swag bags and letters are due June 1st

We can’t guarantee items received after this date will make it to Zambia. Please send them BEFORE the due date.

Follow These Steps to Help Us Build a Bag for Your Child

Step 1: Decide if You’re Going to Create or Fund a Swag Bag

You can shop and create your child’s bag personally! Please download a suggested items list and fill ONE 2-gallon Ziploc bag. You can mail or drop off the bags to use at our Fort Worth office or *NEW* Dallas drop off location. Both addresses are listed below.

If you do not have time to make a bag for your child, you can purchase one for $45! This $45 pays for the contents of the bag, the physical bag, and the cost of shipping. To log into your online donor portal scroll to the bottom of this page, click “Donor Login” under the “Resources” tab, click the user icon at the top right side of the page. In the drop down menu, click “pay for my swag bag” and purchase your gift there. If you’re not sure how to fund a bag through your online portal, click here! If you have issues with this, you can email us and we can help.

Step 2: Write Your Letters

You can currently send in TWO letters for the student you sponsor! One will be put in your student’s swag bag and not read until they receive their swag bag in December. The other one will be taken to Zambia in July when go to visit for the summer. Please label each letter “JULY” and “DECEMBER” so that we know which one goes in their swag bag and which one should be taken with us in July!

Step 3: Send Your Bags In!

You can drop off your bag to our Fort Worth office or *NEW* Dallas drop off location. Both addresses are listed below. Send in your letters by placing them in your Ziploc bag with your swag bag items (if you’re making your own), mailing them to our Fort Worth office, or emailing them to letters@ariseafrica.org! Whichever way you choose to, please make sure your letters are labeled accordingly!

Want to go above & beyond or get friends involved?

Funding extra bags, donating extra items, and shopping our Amazon wishlist allows us to ensure EVERY student receives a Christmas swag bag! Our Amazon wishlist has some essential items for our older children and fun activities we know our students would LOVE!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many letters do I need to write the child I sponsor?

Right now you can write your child TWO letters and mail or email them to us. One will be put in their Christmas bag which will they will see in December. The other one will be taken to Zambia in July when we go with our mission trip teams. Please label each letter “JULY” or “DECEMBER” so that we know which one to put with their Christmas bag and which one is to be taken over this summer.

What are the best items to put in my child’s swag bag?

Click here to download a suggested items list if you don’t know what to purchase! For one, we love it if underwear and bras are sent. Most children do not have underwear so we would love to make sure that children are getting new underwear and bras each year. Anything that can be used in school like pencils, pens, etc is also very helpful.

Can I get other individuals involved to make more bags?

Yes, PLEASE do! We need help filling all of our bags and funding this project. Let us know your estimated bag count so that we can plan accordingly. You can also share our Amazon wishlist or plan a date to come volunteer in our Fort Worth office! Email molly@ariseafrica.org if want to get involved or have questions!

Does my child get everything I put in the bag?

We do our best to ensure that your child will get one of everything to your place in your bag! If there are items in your bag that have multiples, it is possible that any extras will be pulled to go to a child who wouldn’t otherwise receive a bag. Our staff goes through every swag bag to make sure that the clothing and items are appropriate for the child. We give our best effort to make all children’s swag bags even. Please give us grace as we do our best to make this exciting for EVERY child in our program!

What does the $45 cover?

It costs us quite a bit of money to shop these items to Zambia. Your $45 helps cover the cost of shipping, the physical bag, and the items in the backpack.

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