Dorothy in sponsorship in 2011 before moving into the home.

Dorothy in sponsorship in 2011 before moving into the home.

We met Dorothy in 2010 through the Arise Africa Child Sponsorship program in Matero. After her father passed away, her mother left to get remarried. Dorothy went to live with her grandmother who, unfortunately, was unemployed and struggled to support her. When construction of the Arise Home began in 2011, Arise Africa began the process to obtain custody of Dorothy as soon as possible. That December, by the grace of God, Dorothy had a permanent bed at the Arise Home.

Dorothy quickly adapted to life in the home with all of her new Arise brothers and sisters.  Dorothy loves school and is very smart! She is incredibly driven and this is shown most in her competitive nature. She loves sports and is good at them.  Dorothy is athletic, tall, and beautiful with most contagious smile you’ve ever seen. When it comes to being around the other kids in the home, she is silly and goofy and loves a good dance party! Dorothy also loves art and can sketch anything!

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