Arise Africa has an ongoing feeding program where we work to feed as many children as possible in community schools.  We try to feed all the children in a school that we work with.  We work with school directors and parents who volunteer to cook the food for the children.  With the donation of just one dollar we can provide two nutritious hot meals for a child. 

We supply and feed the school children with enshima, which is a maize-based bread product. We add to the enshima either vegetables or a type of meat.  We also provide snacks for children at the schools which usually consists of a fruit.  Most of the children rely on the school's provision as their only source of food for the day.  Through our child feeding program, we are helping fight hunger in a controlled atmosphere.  Our goal is to keep our children healthy, especially those who are infected with the HIV/AIDS virus.  We have seen remarkable improvement in health with our sick children once their diet is changed. Another goal is to keep children fed so they are able to concentrate while at school and gain a better education. This hopefully will improve their chances at having a better future. Changing a child's life starts with food and care and the feed program is doing that one meal at a time. Our goal is to replicate this program at other schools in Lusaka.  Please consider giving to this program in order to provide sustenance and hope to the children of Zambia. 


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