Mary moved into the Arise homes in May 2016. Mary suffers from sickle cell anemia.  She had been in our child sponsorship program years before moving in the home. Her grandmother was her primary caretaker because both of Mary's parents have passed way.

Sickle cell is not an easy disease to manage. Mary was very ill and spent many days in and out of the hospital. She constantly needed blood transfusions and was in pain.  Arise approached her grandmother asking if we could help with Mary by putting her in full time care.  She immediately said yes and was grateful for the burden lifted off of her.

Since moving into the home, Mary has had very few medical issues. This is because we have completely changed her diet and researched how to control and care for children with sickle cell.  All of the credit goes to our Mama Acquiline! It has become her mission to control Mary's diet and the difference is staggering. 

Mary visits her grandmother quite often. She also loves school and the older girls in the home.  She has been challenged to not let her illness define her. She has learned from the older girls who also have difficult medical conditions how to life a full and happy life. 

Mary is quiet when you first meet her, but she always has a sweet smile on her face.  She loves her older sisters and loves to laugh. She loves to be by your side all the time and says thank you for everything!