Christmas Trip 2019 - 15 Spots Available

Dates: Thursday December 26, 2019 - Sunday January 5, 2020

This trip will be focused on dedicating the Hunter Smith Playground, working with Arise Christian School Community, as well are working with our Arise Home Children. There will be plenty of time to help with landscaping around the new playground and school, working with older children in the school with reading and other projects, as well as spending quality time with the Arise Home children in full time care.

Cost:  Including airfare, the current cost for each trip is $4,000. Airline tickets are a significant amount of the cost.

How to sign up:  Please sign up by email and make a non-refundable deposit of $500 per participant. 


Financial Deadlines:  $1,000 per person is due by August 30th; $3,000 per person is due by November 15th (NOTE: we can still get an individual on a trip if the first deadline is not met, however the price might go up if the airline ticket has increased)

Trip Status: Open

Spring Break 2020 - 20 Spots Available

Dates: Thursday March 12, 2020 - Sunday March  22, 2020

This trip will be fully focused on working in our community schools.  More details will come as the time gets closer.

Cost:  Including airfare, the current cost for each trip is $4,000. Unfortunately, airline tickets are a significant amount of the cost.

How to sign up:  If you are interested, please let us know by email and a non refundable deposit of $500 per participant is required. 


Financial Deadlines:  $1,000 per person is due by December 30th; $3,200 per person is due by February 25th (NOTE: we can still get an individual on a trip if the first deadline is not met, however the price might go up if the airline ticket has increased)

Trip Status: Closed

Hunter Smith Scholarship

With the help of Kershaw’s Challenge, the Hunter Smith Scholarship was established in 2016. The scholarship has one goal in mind: to send someone to Zambia with Arise Africa every year in Hunter's honor. We know how much he loved Zambia and feel that the most fitting celebration of him is to SEND and GO back to Africa every single year.

To learn more about the Hunter Smith Scholarship and past recipients, click here. 

Add-On Trips:

Many individuals and families enjoy taking add on trips either before or after their mission trip.  We strongly suggest doing this.  We feel that if you are going to pay to travel to Africa, you might as well try to see all parts of it. 

There are many options from going on a safari, to seeing Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, that is only an hour plane ride away from where we serve in Lusaka.  Arise Africa works with highly accredited travel agents to provide multiple trip options you can take leaving from Zambia.  We work with the travel agents and plan everything for you.  Once you sign up and express interest in these trips, we can let you know more details!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the youngest age child you have accepted to go on a mission trip?  Our youngest mission trip participant to ever come has been five years old.  We suggest your children are ages seven and older for them to get the full experience.  However, we can accommodate anyone ages five and older.

What is the youngest age someone can come without an adult?  For someone to come alone they must be 18 years of age or older. However we are more than willing to try to help a younger teenager

Who makes the airline reservations?  Can I use airline points for my ticket to Africa and will the cost of my trip go down?  Typically, we make your airline reservations for you.  However, if you want to do this it is okay with us.  You can use airline points for your tickets.  Sometimes it is very difficult to get flights into Lusaka, Zambia and you will have to make the ticket reservations yourself.  We can adjust the cost of your trip accordingly and only charge you for your time on the ground and planned programs.

Can I upgrade my airline ticket to business? Yes! Please read more about the differences between economy class and business and how to upgrade.

If I have a pre-existing illness or medical condition should I go with Arise Africa?  We ask that you notify us about your condition before signing up for the trip.  Some things are easily managed while other issues we would suggest you not coming.  Individuals with extreme nut allergies are asked to talk to us before signing up.  Arise Africa will do everything in our power and control to keep everyone safe, but we do believe there are some cases that we do not feel comfortable to try to prepare for in a third world country. 

If myself or my child is not vaccinated can we travel to Zambia with Arise Africa?  Unfortunately Arise Africa cannot accept individuals to participate on our mission trips unless they are vaccinated and a shot form can be submitted from a board certified medical doctor.  We feel the risk is too high and want to make sure you are safe with us. The vaccines that Arise Africa requires for every single mission trip participant are, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), DTap (diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough), polio, PCV (Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine) Hepatitis A&B, Hib (Haemophilus influenzae), Vericella (chicken pox), and Menegncocial. 

What additional shots do I need to travel to Zambia?  You first need to have updated shot records of vaccines that are listed above.  We ask you to also receive the shots that the CDC recommends for the country of Zambia.  Currently these additional shots are Malaria (which comes in the form of pills), Typhoid, and Diphtheria.  We suggest talking to your family doctor about your trip.  You do not need a yellow fever or rabies shot.  The easiest (but not cheapest) place to get your shots is a Passport Health travel clinic where locations are throughout the United States. We recommend that you speak to your general practitioner about your trip to Zambia and additional vaccines they recommend and where to receive them. 

What if I get sick or hurt while on a mission trip?  We work with multiple hospitals and clinics in Zambia.  We have relationships with European and American doctors in Zambia who could treat you.  We also suggest every mission trip participant purchase air evacuation insurance.  

Where do I stay on the trip?  You will stay on our property (the complex) with other individuals on the trip.  The complex is very secure and in a safe location.  It is comfortable and has everything you might need.

Will I be able to communicate with family members in America while I am in Zambia?  Absolutely.  You will have very limited access to internet.  You can also use iMessage on your phones and purchase an international calling plan if you wish to make phone calls.  Most American cell phones work in Zambia when you arrive; the cost of each call depends on the carrier.  We suggest you research your cell phone plan before your trip so that you are not surprised at additional costs when you get home.

What will I eat while on the mission trip?  Great food!  Many people believe that Africa doesn't have food that we eat in America.  When you walk in a grocery store in Zambia, it doesn't look much different than the stores in the United States.  You will be eating food that you are very used to and have eaten before.  We serve burgers, lasagna, Mexican food, chicken plates, sandwiches and other food to mission trippers.  There are great restaurants in the city that we sometimes take you to as well.  

Do the people I will be working with speak English?  Yes and no.  Our entire staff speaks fluent English and multiple tribal languages.  Most of the children we work with speak English.  Zambia was a British colony before they gained their independence from Great Britain in 1964.  Subsequently, children still learn English in the schools.  Communicating with Zambians is not an issue, even though some Americans are concerned about this. Once they arrive they realize it is very easy to communicate.