Muyunda and his brother Lovemore moved into the Arise Home in July of 2016.  Arise Africa took in the two brothers who were staying in a governmental transit home.  Very little is known of their past other than their parents left them and they were found on the side of the road. 

The Zambian government tried to find any family member through publicizing the boy's photos in the newspaper and on TV but found nobody to claim them.  After 8 months of living in the governmental transit home, Arise Africa was very excited to welcome them into the Arise Home forever.

Muyunda is extremely outgoing.  He loves everyone and is willing to do just about anything.  His favorite activity is school and he is very proud he knows how to spell his name.  He is currently working on learning his phonics as well.  Both Muyunda and his brother Lovemore, have adapted to the home remarkably well.