Nelly days before she moved into the Arise Home in 2011. 

Nelly days before she moved into the Arise Home in 2011. 

We first met Nelly in 2010.  She lived in Matero compound and attended school through our child sponsorship program.  Nelly's father was killed by her mentally ill mother many years ago.  She was living with her grandmother who was struggling to provide.

When the Arise Homes opened in December 0f 2011, Nelly was one of our first to move in.  We will never forget the day picking her up in the compound as she hopped in our car wearing red boots and had a small backpack of clothes with her.  Poor Nelly had no idea what was about to happen to her life!

Nelly is more reserved and would tell you herself that she is an introvert.  But man, she is funny! Once you get to know Nelly, you see a sweet, caring and gentle spirit girl.  She is fierce in Pictionary games and will tell you when you aren't drawing well.  She has a "subtle sass" and can be mischievous when you don't expect it.  One time we had a little issue where Nelly managed to eat 21 full size candy bars in a very short amount of time! We sure do love Nelly and thank the Lord she is a part of the Arise Africa Family.